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Meet the Team | On-Camera 

Station Manager &

Pigskin Roundup Host

Mickey Shadrix

News Anchor & East Alabama Today Host

Carl Brady

News Anchor & Urban Matters Host

Vanessa Croft

Weather Anchor

Chris Wright

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Sports Anchor

Chad Barnett

Sports Director

Gerhard Mathangani

Weather Anchor &
Pigskin Roundup Host

Jon Holder

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Meet the Team | Sales Executives

Stephanie Bowen

Dottie Rimpsey

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Meet the Team | Production

News Audio

Joshua Thompson

Executive News

Dana Conley

Associate News Producer

Jordan Smith

News Graphics

Jennifer Dempsey


Operations Manager

Nathan Gober

Floor Manager

Jeff Sparks

Programming Manager & Director 

Kizzie Gooden

Graphics Manager

Jason Sparks

Creative Director

Randell Curry

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