Remember JFK: 50 Years Later

With hands over hearts or raised in salute, dozens stood in silence as taps played to remember President John F. Kennedy on this 50th anniversary of his assassination.

J-F-K’s last living sibling, Jean Kennedy Smith, participated in the wreath laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery this morning. The national day of commemoration ended at Dealey Plaza in Dallas where Lee Harvey Oswald fired deadly shots at President Kennedy when his motorcade passed a building Harvey was hiding in. Those of you who were living on November 22, 1963 probably remember exactly where you were when you got the news that the President had been shot. We caught up with a Cherokee County woman who lived in Maryland at the time of the assassination. Phoebe Woodward also works at the Cherokee County Historical Museum where there is a detailed display of Kennedy’s life and death. The collection is on loan from a Centre man who never shared the items with anyone before releasing them for display at the museum as the 50th anniversary approached. The JFK collection will be on display in Cherokee County through the end of the month.

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