Forensics Classes/Sand Rock High School

Students at one East Alabama high school are spending some quality time with local law enforcement. They’re not in trouble, they’re learning about investigating crime scenes! Science teachers from Sand Rock High School have teamed up with investigators from the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office and the Department of Criminal Justice at JSU to offer an 18 week forensic sciences class to their students. The classes have proven to be very popular with students thanks to TV shows like CSI and NCIS. Students who take the elective science course get hands on lessons in evidence collecting, fingerprinting, DNA analysis and the use of technology in the field. Today the students got to work with real human bones and learned how to track the trajectory of a bullet using lasers. Sheriff Jeff Shaver says that the classes are a great community outreach for his investigators. Rick Davis from JSU’s Department of Criminal Justice says that forensic investigations is a wide open field and that introducing the forensics to high school students may get them started early on a very good career path. Sand Rock science teachers say that the forensic science class also gives students a better understanding of criminal procedure, knowledge of the law and may even help to stop a crime before it happens.

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