Anniston Historic District Ordinance

In 2010, the city of Anniston lost a bid for the property when it was in foreclosure. Coxwell later donated it to Renovation Ministries, but they gave it back to him last month due to maintenance expenses. City leaders say they’re looking forward to the possibility of development on the soon-to-be vacant lot. The Anniston City Council is working out the last details of an ordinance that would designate two historic districts in the city. They opened up their work session to residents and business owners with questions and concerns. On October 17, The Anniston Historic Preservation Commission on approved a resolution to create the two districts. One would include 15th street between Cooper Avenue and Walnut Avenue. The other district would include parts of Noble Street between 9th and 14th Streets. The council expects to vote on the Historic District Ordinance in its next meeting or the first meeting in January.


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