Calhoun County Facebook Scam Alert

The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office is warning you of another Facebook scam. Chief Deputy Matthew Wade says they are using social media to get the word out because of its ability to reach so many people. Sheriff’s deputies recently took a report from a local woman who was scammed out of a large amount of money. She met a man on Facebook using the name “Steve Hamilton.” He says he’s a widowed single father, an Army Captain and Helicopter pilot. His Facebook page says he graduated from Oxford High School and studied at the University of Washington. It also says he’s from Andover, United Kingdom but lives in Alaska. The woman went to school in Oxford with someone named Steve Hamilton. Because of that and their mutual online friends, she began to trust the man. Eventually, the man started asking the woman to send money to him so he and his son could return to the United States. Wade says you should be concerned if anyone you don’t know on a personal level asks for money or account information. The sheriff’s office has been able to identify a bank account in California, where funds were deposited then sent to Malaysia. The victim in this case says she and the man had 4 mutual Facebook friends in Calhoun County.


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