More Prison Time For A Talladega Man

A Talladega County man already serving prison time for mailing fake anthrax letters receives a second sentence for the same offense. Clifton Dodd of Lincoln was set to be released from prison next year for a guilty plea in a case claiming he mailed hoax anthrax letters to politicians, non-profit groups and several Alabama residents in 2010. Today, a federal judge ordered Dodd to serve an addition 11 years and 3 months behind bars. He’s also ordered to pay restitution of nearly $1,700 to the City of Birmingham Fire and Rescue Department for their response to the Jefferson County Courthouse for a letter with the fake substance inside. A jury convicted Dodd in October of mailing threatening letters, some with fake anthrax inside, while held in the Calhoun County jail awaiting sentencing for the first case.


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