Frostbite Warning

With the assault of dangerous, freezing temperatures in our area, medical experts encourage citizens to beware of frostbite. Local emergency room personnel at regional hospitals prepare to care for community members stricken with the skin condition. Frostbite is a skin condition due to extreme cold. It is frozen water in body tissues. The most common parts of the body to become frostbitten include: cheeks, corneas, ears, feet, fingers, hands, lips, nose, shins, and toes. There are additional factors that will increase your chance for frostbite. Take care to notice your body temperature. Low body temperature is a factor. And consider your age – whether you are very young or very old. You are at a higher risk if you are homeless. Also, pay close attention to fatigue. And consider your clothing. Stay out of wet clothes. If you are exposed to frostbite, seek medical care.


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