50th Anniversary on Landmark Smoking and Health Policies

We recognize the 50th anniversary of the U.S. Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking and Health this month. The report was a landmark that linked smoking to lung cancer and heart disease for the first time. Tobacco continues to claim the lives of more than 443,000 Americans each year. The American Cancer Society Action Network has helped the country cut the smoking rate in half. The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network calls on states to make further progress. Alabama enacted Title 22, Chapter 15a of the Alabama Code. It is known and may be cited as the “Alabama Clean Indoor Air Act. This law of Alabama prohibits persons from smoking in a public place or at a public meeting. Our state is making strides, but more must be done. According to a report by Campaign For Tobacco-Free Kids, the toll of tobacco in Alabama is severe. 7,500 adults die each year from their own smoking, the Annual health care costs in Alabama directly caused by smoking is $1.49 billion, and more than 61,000 High school students smoke.


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