Representative Randy Wood ( R ), District 36

House of Representatives District 36 Representative Randy Wood spoke to TV24 about the progress of the current legislative session. The 2014 legislative session convened a week ago with a meeting today. Wood said they passed most of the bills on the republican agenda. Wood stressed that the most important bills dealt with tax relief for businesses. They passed a tax relief bill that gives incentives to businesses. It is a tax benefit that serves as a tax break. It will serve the small businesses that help to keep our country going. Also, Representative Wood hopes to pass a 50-hour mandate for those seeking driver’s licenses. Currently, Alabama has a 30-hour mandate for driving practice. Wood wants the applicant to submit verification of 50 hours of driving practice with a licensed adult before the applicant would receive their driver’s license. A new added benefit will be that grandparents can be on the list of licensed adult drivers that license applicants can drive with.


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