Etowah County Lawsuit

A national group who says that they "champion the best interests of citizens and fight on behalf of the American public to make sure government works for it's citizens" is getting involved in an Etowah County lawsuit. The group is called Public Citizen and they filed a petition yesterday urging the Alabama Supreme Court to lift a gag order issued on January 7th in a case against a local extermination company. More than 100 customers of A-1 Extermination in Gadsden have sued the company for allegedly promising - but not providing - effective termite treatment. Etowah County Circuit Judge William Rhea entered the gag order forbidding anyone involved with the lawsuit from speaking - either publicly or privately - about the suit. The petition seeking the removal of the order claims that Rhea's order is impermissible under the First Amendment and was issued without giving the Plaintiff's lawyers an opportunity to be heard.


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