Council Approves Raises in Gadsden

The next mayor and council in the City of Gadsden will make more money than the current administration. After much debate and some confusion over the rules of order, the Gadsden City Council voted to raise the salary of the mayor. The new salary figures will take effect after the upcoming August election. The original resolution offered today would have raised the mayor’s pay from the current salary of $90,000 to $110,000. Councilman Deverick Williams offered an amendment to reduce that amount and the final version was approved by the council on a 4-2 vote. Council members will also see a raise as a result of today's vote. Compensation for the council is based on the mayor’s pay. Members receive 9-point-6 percent of the mayor’s salary…plus an additional $100 for each council meeting attended. The council president receives a salary of 12 percent of the mayor’s pay and the additional $100 per meeting as well.


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