Gadsden Alcohol Sales

A bill in the Alabama House of Representatives that would allow Gadsden residents to vote on the issue of Sunday alcohol sales has passed its first hurdle. The bill was signed out of a House committee yesterday and could go to the floor for a vote as early as tomorrow. Representative Mack Butler, Representative Becky Nordgren and the bill’s sponsor, Representative Craig Ford all signed the bill allowing it to pass through committee. If the bill passes the House, it will then go to the Senate where Senator Phil Williams has said that he will not block the bill from being considered. It has been tradition in the state legislature that, if every member of a local delegation signs off on a local bill, both houses will usually pass the measure without question. If the bill is passed, the Gadsden City Council will then call for a referendum on the issue and the vote will be held in conjunction with the municipal election on August 26th.


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