Pioneer Green Wind Energy in Cherokee County

The Pioneer Green Wind Energy Company has filed its response to a lawsuit that is attempting to halt the company's proposed windmill farm in Cherokee County. A group of concerned citizens filed the lawsuit against the Texas-based company back in October, claiming that the Shinbone Ridge project will cause harm to local residents and wildlife and that it will likely be abandoned when government subsidies expire. The company's response was filed in Cherokee County Circuit Court yesterday. The briefing directly addresses the claims made by the plaintiffs by citing several points of defense - including saying that the inconveniences complained of are "merely fanciful and would not effect ordinary or reasonable persons." The company also says that there is nothing for the court to decide at this time because a final decision on whether or not to build the project has not yet been made. They also say that any benefits from the project - should it actually be built - would far outweigh any harm or inconvenience to the plaintiffs.


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