A League of Our Own in Oxford

Spring is in the air! And with the bright sunshine and warmer days we can all get outside and participate in family friendly activities. It’s a good time to take the boat out for fishing, take the family out for a picnic, or enjoy America’s favorite pastime-baseball. This weekend many of your neighbors went out and supported some talented community kids playing baseball. Saturday, March 8th was opening day for A League of Our Own baseball league. The festivities were held at the Earl R. Martin Complex. A League of Our Own is an organization that is designed to give mentally and physically disabled children the chance to play America's favorite sport. The league started with 18 players three years ago. Now, they have kids involved from areas such as Gadsden and Delta. They will play 6 games in all. And, the season will end in May. The league has a new field under construction and it too will be a place where everyone hits and everyone scores. 81 kids played in the games on Saturday.


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