Charged With First Degree Burglary

Jacksonville police have a Jacksonville man in custody who allegedly assisted in the burglary of a Whites Gap Road home last week. According to Assistant Police Chief Bill Wineman, Immanuel Holifield is charged with first-degree burglary. Wineman said police received an anonymous tip Monday morning about a car with the same Alabama license tag they were searching for parked at the Holifield home in Whites Gap Estates. Wineman said Holifield's father informed police about his son after he saw a story in The Anniston Star and later took him to the department’s headquarters. According to police, Holifield and another man were involved in a burglary that took place in a home on the 900 block of Whites Gap Road on Tuesday morning. Wineman said the other suspect involved in the burglary has not been identified.


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