Veterans Treatment Court in Anniston

Veterans serve our country with valor and courage. And, often times after they return from the trials of battle, they are still battered and scarred. The court is open at the request of the Alabama Administrative Courts. This is Calhoun County’s first ever, fully operational Veterans Treatment Court. According to officials, it is important because some veterans need a special kind of assistance from our judicial process, and that is what this court is going to do. Instead of jail time for criminal behavior, the veteran will get counseling and treatment. The court is modeled after successful programs in other parts of the country. The program is not simply a “get out of jail free” card, veterans must first plead guilty to their charges, then understand the penalty if they aren’t successful in completing the program, and they are aware that they can be sanctioned by the judge if they don’t follow the rules. The Veterans Treatment Court provides structure the veteran needs to keep from reoffending, it will help keep him out of the criminal justice system. Veterans Treatment Courts act as a one-stop shop, linking veterans with the programs, benefits, and services that they have earned.


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