Preventing Pothole Damage in Alabama

Drivers beware! Our region has its share of annoying potholes. And, if you plan to prevent pothole damage to your car there are some things you should know. Spring is a record season for potholes because of the prevalence of moisture that has built up in the roads because of seasonal changes. Potholes can inflict damage to tires, wheels and suspension components. G-M-the car manufacturer- has compiled a list of tips for avoiding pothole damage. G-M officials encourage you to maintain the recommended tire inflation for your vehicle. Under inflation is the worst enemy a tire can have. Another tip for your tires is that if your car is equipped with winter tires, continue to use them and keep them on until the end of pothole season. Also, remember that while driving your car, be sure to avoid standing water and maintain a safe distance behind other cars. And finally, if the worse happens and you happen to hit a severe pothole, check for any damage immediately.


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