Remembering the Palm Sunday Tornado Outbreak in Piedmont

Twenty years ago yesterday, the state of Alabama and the East Alabama Community experienced a tornado outbreak that changed the landscape of one local community and impacted lives forever. What has become known as the Palm Sunday tornado occurred on March 27th of 1994. The F4 tornado hit the Goshen United Methodist Church at 11:39AM, tearing into the church and collapsing the roof on the congregation during their Sunday service. 92 people were injured and 20 worshipers lost their lives. Members of the church and the Goshen community will commemorate the anniversary with a special service this coming Sunday. Pastor Kelly Clem, who was the Pastor of Goshen United Methodist on that morning 20 years ago, will give a sermon at the church that was built to replace the one destroyed by the tornado. The day’s events will begin with a tribute tour from the current church to the memorial that stands in the footprint of the old church. The sermon is scheduled to start at 10:45AM. Visitors are welcome.

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