Google Scam

The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office is warning of yet another scam as criminals continue to try to find ways to trick you out of your money. The scam artists are now using an online platform called Google Wallet. Google Wallet is a legitimate, virtual wallet app that allows you to make purchases both online and in some stores – however, criminals have found a way to make it appear as though you are getting an emailed invoice from Google Wallet. The invoice includes a number to call – and when you call that number – you are instructed to send money for the invoice through a MoneyGram transaction. Google has confirmed that Google Wallet *DOES NOT* send out invoices and that you should not respond to the scam emails. The sheriff’s office says *DO NOT* send money to anyone through Western Union, MoneyGram or any similar service unless you are absolutely sure you are making a legitimate transaction.


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