Human Trafficking Awareness Event at Eagle Point Church in Jacksonville

A local church holds an event to bring awareness to a national epidemic that is occurring in our own back yard. Eagle Point Church in Jacksonville welcomed speakers from The Well House and Falcon Ministries last night to talk about the horrors of human trafficking, the methods they use to rescue women affected by the crime, and the victories of women who have found their way to freedom. The Well House is a human trafficking shelter that gives residential and continuing care to the sexually exploited. It is an organization staffed and lead by women who know the realities of the dangerous fight for victims’ lives. The Well House is a partner with Falcon Ministries, a support ministry that provides manpower and air and ground logistical resources to rescue women from the bondages of that life. The Well House has rescued over 125 women in a few short years. Of that 125, 77% have been from Alabama. Both speakers shared that many people don’t know the severity of the crisis until it actually hits their home. Welch says that young girls are often innocent targets and they are usually tricked into trafficking. The ultimate mission of the two organizations is the rescue and subsequent relocation of all trafficking victims. If you are a victim of human trafficking or know someone who is a victim, call The Well House at THEWELLHOUSE.ORG.


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