NTSB Releases Report on Colorado Plane Crash

The National Transportation Safety Board, today, releases its preliminary report on the Colorado plane crash that killed five Gadsden residents. The report says that the crash occurred at 2:16pm on the afternoon of March 22. According to the NTSB, the plane left Bartlesville Municipal Airport in Oklahoma at 11:00am and was headed to Montrose Regional Airport in Montrose, Colorado. The pilot had just received clearance to approach the Montrose Airport when he reported to air traffic controllers that the plane was in a spin and that he was trying to recover. Radar and radio contact were then lost and controllers contacted local authorities who confirmed that the plane had crashed into the Ridgeway Reservoir. Witnesses who saw the crash also indicated that the plane was in a flat spin when it hit the water. All five people on board were killed…the pilot 48-year old Jimmy Hill, 40-year old Katrina Barksdale and her two sons – 11-year old Kobe and 8-year old Xander - and their cousin 14-year old Seth McDuffie. The NTSB says that a full report on the crash could take as much as a year to complete.


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