Elderly Man Loses Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Scam

If you have recently been contacted by an organization representing the creators of a contest in a foreign country that awards large sums of money please beware. The Anniston Police Department reports that there is a scam going around that targets people with the lure that they have won a large monetary prize. And, unfortunately this scam is popular with the elderly. On April 4th an eighty-three year old resident of Anniston reported being defrauded out of more than $35, 000.00. The victim reported that he was contacted by an individual supposedly representing a Hong Kong Bank in reference to him winning $500,000.00 The suspect told the victim that he needed only to pay the taxes on the prize and he would collect the money. The victim sent the individual more than $35, 000.00 from March 4th to April 4th and after some time had passed he still had not received the prize money and the suspect was no longer returning his calls. According to police officials, this kind of scam is not rare. So, if you are contacted, remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.


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