Medical License Revoked

The Alabama State Board of Medical Examiners revoked the medical license of family medicine doctor Louie Hood of Gadsden for fraud, unprofessional conduct, and improperly providing controlled substances to his patients. Hood had a judgment rendered against him relating to the performance of his professional service, but when asked about it in an application for a certificate of qualification for a license he answered that he had not. Hood had also been under the care of a psychiatrist or psychologist and refused to answer about his care to the same board. In addition to those fraudulent statements, Hood had inappropriate intimate and sexual and romantic relationships with female patients dating back to at least 1987. He also injected a female patient with VERSED, causing her to lose consciousness, and while she was unconscious, Dr. Hood engaged in sexual activity with the patient. Hood was fined $30,000.00 by the state medical board. Hood had his license temporarily suspended in September of 2013.


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