Carjacking Ends in Crash

Three people were injured yesterday after a car chase that began in Georgia and ended in Heflin. The car chased ending in a two vehicle crash that involved an 18-wheeler on the westbound side of I-20 in Heflin right after mile marker 205. According to Heflin Police Chief A.J. Benefield, Rodney Smith, a woman, and a four-year-old child suffered head injuries from the crash. The chase began in Georgia with Smith setting fire to the house they lived in that led to the three fleeing the scene of the fire and Smith and the woman later carjacking a mini-van taxi. Smith, the woman passenger, and the child left the scene in a taxi and went on to a nearby McDonald's in Carrollton where police say that at the restaurant, the woman pulled a pistol on the taxi driver and told him he was being robbed and carjacked, Smith then jumped into the driver’s seat with the child secure in the backseat. The taxi then headed north to Interstate 20, where it went west to Alabama. Officials say Bremen Georgia police officers spotted the vehicle and began a pursuit and that the Heflin Police Department was waiting with three units near exit 205 outside Heflin at about 1:30 p.m. when the wreck occurred. The driver, Rodney Smith has been charged and is in the Carroll County Sherriff’s jail.


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