The Life Center Church Gas Buy Down

One local church body wants to help relieve the stress you may feel when paying for gas for your car. The Life Center Church of Hobson City is sponsoring a gas buy down at the Kangaroo gas station at 800 South Quintard tomorrow from 11:00AM until 1:00PM. The church members will pump your gas and give you $.50 off per gallon. They will also be there to wash windshields and offer prayer to those customers that want it. According to The Life Center Church pastor, Eugene Leonard, it’s all about the life of Jesus Christ and their church’s willingness to serve the people in their community who may be feeling a pinch at the pump. You will be able to recognize church members by the lime green T-Shirts they will be wearing that say “I Serve.” The theme for the gas buy down is The Blood Will Cover It and is one way the church is choosing to recognize the meaning of the upcoming Easter holiday.


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