Active Shooter Drill at Etowah Judicial Building

What do you do when the seconds count and you have the threat of potential violence from a person with a gun in your immediate surroundings? Do you run? Do you hide? Or will you fight? The Etowah County Sheriff’s office addressed this issue with an active shooter drill on the campus of the Etowah County Judicial Building, today. Law enforcement officers and judicial officials and employees gathered to take part in the training that encompassed a full law enforcement response. It involved multiple sheriffs’ office tactical units and the role-playing of an active shooter. According to participants, even though they work in environments where the threat of violence is always potentially high, the training provides a necessary element of surprise and gives them scenarios that help them prepare for the worse. The Etowah County Sheriff's Office also offers the safety tool to citizens and it is titled, “Run, Hide, Fight”. Similar techniques taught at these classes could be used in case of an active shooter inside any building or event. According to organizers, the drill was the first active shooter training exercise for the judicial system and it provided authorities with a perspective on how they will make improvements to the building to help with communication. The drill was a continuation of Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response training. To register for the Run, Hide, Fight class please email the Etowah County Sheriff’s Office.


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