Cheaha Regional Humane Society

Pet overpopulation is a growing problem in East Alabama. And, agencies such as the Cheaha Regional Humane Society are doing our area a world of good by bringing in stray dogs and stray cats to their shelter. The humane society took over from the old Calhoun County Animal Control in 2013, and currently goes out on calls to rescue viscous and injured animals as well as make efforts to take care to get friendly abandoned pets adopted. The agency also helps pets who cannot find homes transition into a type of end-of-life care by providing a humane process towards euthanasia. Many of the shelter’s pets could avoid being put to sleep if more people in the community were more responsible with their animals, and took care to get them spayed and neutered. It is an Alabama State Law to fix your pet within 45 days of adoption. When a person adopts a shelter animal they leave with a contract, and according to the humane society, that’s one way to reduce the pet overpopulation problem. They say there are other ways to support the humane society with your involvement. You can provide a foster home for an animal, you can help transport an animal to a shelter, you can donate needed items and materials to the shelter and you can even give of your time and become a volunteer. For more information, contact the Cheaha Regional Humane Society at 256-241-3647.


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