Couple Married on Anniversary of April 27th Tornadoes

The stories of the survivors often speak about finding solace in the fellowship of other people who endured that very same tragedy. They talk about how the shared feeling of loss brought about a new kinship between neighbors, and sometimes, in special, rare occasions, a blossoming love. Now, three years later, a couple who fell in love as a result of helping others during the aftermath of the deadly storms, celebrate a happy union with their marriage ceremony at SouthWind Plantation in Wellington. Megan Wallace and Robin Bridges got married this weekend at the newly built farm that was constructed out of lumber made from downed trees from the deadly tornado. The couple that built the plantation says it took a year and 3 months to build, and that the process of construction became part of the community’s recovery. SouthWind Plantation owners say that although the tornadoes are still fresh in everyone’s mind, their farm has added joy to the community. For more information on SouthWind Plantation you can call 256-453-6323.


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