Removal of Fence Surrounding Cooper Homes in Anniston

The third ward within the city of Anniston has something big to celebrate. For more than 17 months, the city, the housing authority, and Cooper Homes residents have been working together to address the fence surrounding the residential property. The controversial fence was erected more than a decade ago, and, today began the start of its removal. City officials and residents gathered outside the fence to mark the symbolic breaking down of the barriers between the city and its citizens. According to residents and officials at the fence removal recognition event, the action supports the intention to help keep the people safe and move the housing development closer to its long-term plan of renovation and its possible demolition. The Anniston Housing Authority has submitted an application with Housing and Urban Development for the renovation and demolition of the housing complex. The approval from HUD will take anywhere from 6 months to 1 year and they hope to start the first demolition late next year. Residents say the progress that is taking place in Cooper Homes is not necessarily all for the adult residents, but that the removal of the fence will help to promote a better environment for those who are the most important- the children. Once the renovation and demolition is approved, the housing authority will disperse the new units for living throughout West Anniston. Officials say, the new units will blend into the entire neighborhood.


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