Citizens Call for Action in Anniston

Today, leaders from the Alabama Voters League, the S-C-L-C, the Nation of Islam, the National Action Network and the N-A-A-C-P gathered on the steps of the Anniston City Hall to speak of civil freedoms and educational equality. These Anniston residents believe many of their young people have been unfairly targeted by law enforcement and are hoping that their actions create the right environment to talk about solutions–including the possible dismissal of 2 police officers and one city authority. Organizers say they hope that they have encouraged other citizens to become involved in what they see as a problem and take more seriously the processes within their local government. The Anniston Police Department claims they have not found any evidence of wrongdoing. But, officials state that if it is found that any member of the department has participated in racial profiling, they will be disciplined. Today’s protestors continued to declare that some additional offices in their local city government haven’t been completely forthcoming in its business affairs with members of their community. City Manager, Brian Johnson, was on hand today to speak about that complaint. Today’s activists say they have contacted the F-B-I, the District Attorney, and the Attorney General with their charges.


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