Fisherman Caught Cheating in Wildcat Tournament

Two Marshall County fishermen are accused of cheating in order to win in a wildcat fishing tournament. According to Kay Donaldson with the Alabama Bass Trail and Tournament organization, the fishermen were competitors at Lake Guntersville last week. They are believed to have pulled up to a boat dock during competition where they had fish stored in an aquarium. Donaldson says the two laid the fish in their boats, submitted the fish for judging, and proceeded to win the tournament. Marine Police suspected the two of dishonest competition and set up a sting operation. The two men were arrested for tampering with a sporting event. Donaldson says, because of the competition’s purse of approximately $1500 dollars, the crime is considered a misdemeanor. Donaldson adds that it is not the first time this has happened. She hopes that it will encourage anglers to be pickier about the competitions they participate and invest money in.


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