Protection From Lightning Damage

The Alabama Division of Risk Management says lightning proves to be a major cause of damage reported in Alabama. And, according to a recent press release, the agency reports that in 2013, the second highest number of losses reported for Alabama’s state properties were related to damage from lightning strikes. And, on average, lightning accounts for 34 percent of state property claims resulting in over a million dollars in damage annually. The Alabama Division of Risk Management suggests that you take the following precautions. The risk for lightning injury is reduced in large enclosed structures, because they tend to be much safer than smaller or open structures. The best shelter from lightning is in general in fully, enclosed vehicles such as cars, truck, buses, or vans with the windows rolled up. They also say it is important to avoid high places and open fields, isolated trees, unprotected gazebos, rain or picnic shelters, baseball dugouts, and bodies of water. And finally, be aware. Lightning threats continue well after a thunderstorm passes. And strikes can take place even in sunny skies.


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