Health Warning: Facts About Measles

The Alabama Department of Public Health issues a public health warning about measles. Measles cases have more than tripled in the last year and, so far, there have already been 187 cases reported nationally for 2014. Here are a few facts about the illness: Measles can stay airborne or live on surfaces for up to two hours. Symptoms include fever, runny nose, cough and a rash all over the body. Those infected can transmit the virus for about five days before the typical rash appears. Symptoms occur within one to two weeks after exposure. Measles is so contagious that any child who is exposed to it and is not immune will probably get the disease. Alabama State law requires children to be up to date on their vaccinations prior to attending school and adolescents and college students must also be up to date on their measles, mumps, and rubella immunizations. For more information, contact your local health department.


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