Calhoun County Schools Employee of the Month in Wellborn

Teachers are entrusted with our most valuable possessions - our children. And, when one teacher reaches beyond what is typically expected in the day to day routine of the classroom and succeeds in their personal attitude and also in making the students perform their personal best; they deserve to be honored.This month, the Calhoun County School System recognizes Wellborn Elementary School teacher, Christy Turner. Ms. Turner began her career with the school system as a reading teacher and is now a fourth grade teacher. Her co-workers say her energy is infectious. TV24 witnessed her bubbly charisma as she told us how she feels about being selected as Employee of the Month. Her co-workers praise her hard work and enjoy her ready smile. They say her attitude is just like sunshine. When asked about her driving motivation and what makes her job worthwhile…Ms. Turner mentioned the children she teaches. She says that it’s the kids that make it all worth it. This is Ms. Turner’s first year at Wellborn Elementary School.


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