Summer Safety Tips

With more than 45,000 Alabama high school seniors graduating this month and the lure of celebrations and summer holidays near, law enforcement officers across the state will work together to promote public safety. Calhoun County Sheriff Larry Amerson talked to TV24 about summer kid safety tips. Many people will be visiting local lakes and creeks and he wants water safety to be something we all think about. State law enforcement officials say they will combine forces with county and municipal agencies in Alabama to conduct various details designed to enhance public safety and to enforce all laws including monitoring alcoholic beverage laws which sometimes affect teen-agers. Sheriff Amerson also encourages parents to keep an eye on young people as they use their 4-wheelers. He says don’t let them go on other people’s property and make sure they wear a helmet. Also, he warns that kids may have more time to go to the internet for daily entertainment. Sheriff Amerson urges parents to regulate internet use and encourage your children to find their fun outdoors.


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