ICE Black Box Pilot Program in Anniston

Here’s a scenario that is, unfortunately, all too familiar for many Americans. You’ve just finished a night of shopping at your local mall. You head to your car and discover someone breaking into it. You panic. You are filled with fear. And then you think. I have my cell phone. I can record this and then get the police on the line. But, you wonder if I could only do more. Well, if the Calhoun County Sheriff’s office has anything to do with it, you will. The help and documentation you require will soon be only a few clicks away. The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office has been selected to be the first site to pilot a new crime prevention tool by the National Neighborhood Watch. The new APP will make the cell phone one of your main crime fighting tools. The APP, ICE Black Box by National Neighborhood Watch Now has partnered with the National Sheriff’s Association and with local public safety agencies to make communities safer. It is an app that is downloaded to your smart phone that opens quickly and records video to a cloud so it can’t be deleted. If you need law enforcement there is a send feature that marks your location, sends the video, and officers respond immediately. ICE Black Box will continue with its roll-out in Arizona and Minnesota within the next month. They are also working on a national animal abuse reporting APP that will be available nationally, right away.


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