Cold Water Challenge in Anniston

If you’ve searched through Facebook recently, you’ve probably seen something called the Cold Water Challenge. The Cold Water Challenge aims to help charities. It is an unsanctioned spin-off of the polar plunge used by the Special Olympics as a fundraiser. Our local Anniston fire fighters are participating along with other fire services throughout the nation by diving into a body of water. Other fire departments are having a trashcan full of water dumped on them, jumping into a drop tank, or getting soaked by a stream of water from a fire hose.

Local Anniston fire services are donating their funds to the Jay Harrington Police Investigator Relief Fund. Harrington was diagnosed with leukemia. The Cold Water Challenge moving through the fire departments throughout our region goes like this: You are nominated to complete the challenge by someone else who has completed the challenge, You have 24 hours to complete the challenge AND donate $10 or $20 to the charity of choice as defined by the person nominating you, If you are unable to complete the challenge, you donate $50 or $100 to the charity they defined.

If you complete the challenge, upload the video of you completing it to Facebook or Youtube and nominating 5 more individuals to Facebook. The Anniston Fire Department is calling out the Anniston Police Department, the Anniston Public Works, Anniston Parks and Recreation, and the Anniston Finance Department. Whether they complete the challenge or not, they still have to donate to the organization of choice by the Anniston Fire Department.


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