ACT College Exam Changes How It Reports Scores

The familiar college admissions exam – the A-C-T- is broadening how it reports students’ scores. According to the nonprofit testing organization, the exam's traditional 36-point scale remains unchanged. But, starting next year, students will also receive an A-C-T score on two new "readiness indicators" reflecting how they did in terms of career readiness and understanding complex text. A new category will offer students a separate score on STEM performance - short for science, technology, engineering and math - that combines the science and math portions. A second new category in the area of language arts combines how they did on the English, reading and writing portions - for those who took the writing portion. The changes are expected in 2016. The A-C-T said that on June 14th,, about 600,000 students are scheduled to take the exam - a record high.


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