Justice Reinvestment Initiative

The number of people incarcerated in Alabama has increased significantly over the last decade. Alabama prisons are operating over capacity and the cost of corrections is a large part of the state’s budget. Governor Bentley has taken action to re-configure the states’ correction system, and today, he announces that Alabama State Justice officials are going to re-examine the criminal justice system. Bentley launches the Justice Reinvestment Initiative, a comprehensive study of the state’s criminal justice system that will identify ways to implement more cost effective criminal justice policies. The Council of State Governments will lead Alabama’s effort with the Justice Reinvestment Initiative process. Bentley says, with the Justice Reinvestment Initiative, officials will have an opportunity to examine areas to maximize efforts in the criminal justice system that will benefit our Department of Corrections. By participating in the study, officials will have a detailed understanding of what’s behind Alabama’s prison population growth and identify ways to reduce growth.


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