Terroristic Threat at Weaver City Hall

According to Weaver police, Weaver City Hall was the site of a terroristic threat this morning. Employees say that a man walked into the building, wearing a badge and a semi-automatic pistol on his belt. They say that Bobby Beck of Anniston demanded to see Weaver’s Mayor and when he was told he was not available, he threatened to later come back and showed the water department employees handcuffs. According to police, Beck later said that he did not know who the Mayor of Weaver was. Beck, who claimed to be with the F-B-I, wanted to arrest the mayor because he believed that it was against the law for the mayor to work part-time. Weaver’s Mayor, Wayne Willis, who is in his second term, is a retired Police Officer and says today’s incident is a wakeup call. The incident was reported to the Weaver Police Department, and within an hour, Beck was taken into custody on charges of Making a Terroristic Threat, Impersonating a Peace Officer, and Carrying a Pistol without a permit. A Mental Health Officer with the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office was notified of this case, and they are currently working to insure Beck’s mental welfare. Beck was placed in the Calhoun County Jail with a mental hold.


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