Calhoun County Employee of the Month

If you take the time to ask a teacher what some of their goals for their students are, they might say having their students reach academic goals that they help set for themselves. And, according to educational professionals, some students have difficulty in setting goals and reaching them. Today, TV24 along with the Calhoun County Schools System shines the light on one very unique employee. She works to make sure that her students successfully integrate school responsibilities and the pressures of home life. Her goal is to give each student a successful educational experience. This month the Calhoun County School System celebrates the work, the sacrifice, and the positive attitude of teacher Robbie Morrison, the Lead Facilitator of the PASS Program. Morrison says she is all about the student and that watching a young person achieve, gives her the motivation to do what she does.

The Calhoun County School System PASS program gives students the chance to strive and learn important principles anytime, anyplace, and anywhere using computer based instruction and attendance in night school. And, according to Alternative School leaders, it takes a special teacher to be committed enough and flexible enough to make the PASS program work.

Calhoun County Schools Superintendent Dr. Joe Dyar has worked with Morrison for 3 years and has known her for more than 20 years. Morrison has been a teacher within the Calhoun County School System for 24 years. She came to the PASS Program from Weaver where she served as a teacher and a coach. She has worked with the program for 2 years. The Alternative School principal, Robin Kines, says Morrison always goes above and beyond the call of her position. The PASS Program has 86 students this year and graduated 48 student this past school year. They just received $20,000 from the Alabama Department of Education for additional help that will make the facilitation of the program for Morrison much easier. The PASS Program serves all 7 Calhoun County Schools.


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