Anniston Considers Relocating City Administrative Services

One local city considers moving its administrative services to an iconic 100 year old building in its downtown central business district. According to Anniston City leaders, the possibility of the city government relocating to Watermark Towers could benefit the city. City officials are looking at how the possible move could generate business opportunities for private businesses in downtown Anniston. Anniston City Manager Brian Johnson says there is a clear reason for considering a move. Johnson says, thinking about moving some of the city’s services into the building requires a good look into whether or not such a game-changing event would be efficient and cost productive. He also says, the City Council and other members of leadership are looking at the Watermark Towers because the building will not be developed by the private sector, and if the city owned the building it would keep Watermark Towers from demolition.

Johnson says, the city is deliberating a few major factors that would seemingly make the move less desirable to residents. He says most Anniston community members think that if City Hall moves to Watermark Towers, the parking wouldn’t be convenient.

Johnson says that once the city’s due diligence is done and the decision to move city hall is made; the move could be completed in 2 years. The estimate to renovate Watermark Towers is 4 and-a-half million dollars. The city is looking to make a final decision within the next couple of months.


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