K-9 Addi Injured in Police Round-Up

A police department’s warrant round-up proves successful, but during the operation one of their beloved drug canines gets injured. Heflin Police Department in conjunction with the Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office served warrants on 31 people on Friday that lead to 33 arrests. The teams were disbursed into the Fruithurst community and that’s when K-9 Addi was injured. K-9 Addi is an important part of the apprehension of criminals, tracking of suspects, the locating of missing persons, and drug enforcement for the Heflin Police Department. She does not belong to the Heflin Police Department, but is the dog of her handler, Sgt. Turley. The attack on K-9 Addi happened when officers went to a house to apprehend Cody Bagby. A woman who was not Bagby answered the door of the residence. And, according to Heflin Police Department Chief AJ Benefield, she released pit bulls on the officers. K-9 Addi defended herself and her handler and the pit bulls jumped on Addi. The woman was out on bond on a drug charge and Bagby was not at the home. Bagby was caught the following day on a routine traffic stop. He was out on bond on a burglary charge. K-9 Addi received 17 staples in her hip and neck in the altercation with the pit bulls. The woman was charged with an attack on a canine and with veterinary bills. Chief Benefield says K-9 Addi is a multi-purose trained dog with a good temperament and the department sees her as a great asset. K-9 Addi is home from the veterinarian and is expected to make a full recovery.


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