Lightning Safety Awareness Week

According to reports from Geoscience News and Information, Alabama summer months are known for their frequent lightning in the central and northern parts of the state.

This week is Lightning Safety Awareness Week and the Gadsden Etowah EMA urges Alabamians to be aware of the danger of lightning strikes. It is the second highest storm-related killer in the United States and causes several billion dollars in property damage each year and kills several dozen people. And, statistics show that Alabama ranks seventh in the number of deaths from lightning. In the United States, lightning has killed more than 1,500 people, an average of 51 people per year based on documented cases. In addition, during this same period, lightning has injured an estimated 15,000 people, some left with life-long neurological damage. The best protection from lightning is a substantial building. If you can't get inside a substantial building, a hard-topped metal vehicle will protect you from lightning.


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