Restore Reilly Lake

The Anniston City Council holds a formal work session to make plans for more than 10,000 acres of abandoned property at McClellan . Now, some are hoping the city will turn back the hands of time and create a recreational destination for the public.

Since November of 2013, the Restore Reilly Lake movement has garnered support from the Mayor of Anniston, the Mayor of Weaver, the McClellan Development Authority, leadership Calhoun County, and throngs of Facebook users. The initiative to revive the McClellan lake property has been the 2014 project for Leadership Calhoun County. Restore Reilly Lake advocate, Benjamin Simmons says that the future of Reilly Lake looked bleak when the Fort closed in May of 1999, but the support for the petition to restore the area and the latest actions of the City of Anniston are good signs for the property. The city also plans to have an Anniston City Council meeting that will help get the lake back into the city’s hands. The team has looked at multiple factors and will consider many more ideas before the city takes ownership of the property.


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