Calhoun County Crimestoppers Board Meeting

An organization that serves to fight crime in our communities holds a board of directors meeting with the purpose of expanding their board. Calhoun County Crimestoppers was formed when the Calhoun County District Attorney and Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office approached the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce for help. They wanted individual and corporate commitments to keeping area communities safe. Calhoun County Crimestoppers met with regional mayors, the Calhoun County District Attorney, and members of the Sheriff’s office earlier in the week to discuss strengthening community partnerships. Chairman of the Board, John Blue II, says getting people involved is important. He says there are now fewer business individuals still involved in the program, and he hopes that today’s meeting will spur growth. Calhoun County Sheriff Larry Amerson says one of the steps to beginning the expansion of the board is to generate new interest. He says that the board will increase that interest by having local Mayors appoint members of the community to work closely with 9-1-1. And, the cooperation will allow residents to become more invested in the safety of their neighborhoods.The Calhoun County Crimestoppers Board also discussed the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office’s venture into a community gun buyback program. The sheriff says it is not about trying to take guns away from law abiding citizens, but helping to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals.Members of the board say they will do all they can to remind communities to report suspicious or criminal activity. One way to keep law enforcement informed of activities is to use the new APP, ICE BLACKBOX – The ICE stands for IN CASE OF EMERGENCY.


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