USDA 2014 Acreage Reporting Requirement

The U.S. Department of Agriculture and Alabama Farm Service Agency want to remind agricultural producers of an important deadline.

Planted acreage must be reported to the Alabama Farm Service Agency by July 15th. The Agricultural Act of 2014 requires producers on a farm to submit annual acreage reports on all cropland. Perennial forage crops with an intended use of cover only, green manure, left standing, or seed, must also be reported by July 15th. U-S-D-A Farm Service Agency County Executive Director Bill Browning says farmers should be certain about acreage reporting deadlines. U-S-D-A officials also say that failed acreage must be reported before the disposition of the crop and that prevented acreage must be reported within 15 calendar days after the final planting date for the applicable crop.


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