Alabama Department of Public Health Food Handling Tips

The Alabama Department of Public Health warns Alabamians to follow safe food preparation and storage practices. The agency says that the hot temperatures of summer create an ideal time for bacteria to grow which provides a perfect environment for foodborne illnesses. So, today, The Alabama Department of Public Health is sharing some important food handling tips. They are to Clean – wash hands, surfaces, and fresh fruit, to Separate – avoid contact between raw food and ready-to-eat-food and never reuse marinades, to Cook – most importantly cook food to the correct internal temperature to kill harmful germs that cause illness, and to Chill - refrigerate or freeze meat, poultry, eggs, seafood and other perishables within 2 hours of cooking or purchasing. And, refrigerate within 1 hour if the outside temperature is above 90 degrees. Report suspected foodborne illnesses to your local health department. Oftentimes calls from concerned citizens are the way outbreaks are first detected. Phone numbers are found at


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