Remington Outdoor Partners with Bear & Son Cutlery

The city of Jacksonville’s Bear and Son Cutlery announces a partnership with Remington Outdoor.This new launch is part of an ongoing relationship with Remington and ongoing growth for the company that began in the early 1990s. Bear and Son Cutlery has been making bullet knives for Remington since 2006, and the new line of collectible cutlery will launch in August. Bear and Son Cutlery President, Ken Griffey, says his customers are excited and so is the local leadership. Jacksonville’s economy will benefit from the partnership because it will lead to the addition of 10 new jobs. Griffey says this has been a longtime coming, and he’s been anticipating the way that Remington and his company would join forces to sell more knives. Griffey says the process for a licensing agreement has already begun and that he’s looking for bigger things to come in January 2015. Reports say, that’s when Bear and Son Cutlery will become Remington Outdoor’s exclusive cutlery manufacturer.


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