Disaster Relief Support

In a recent news release from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the agency speaks of its broad disaster relief support network. Today, FEMA Media Relations Manager, Ericka Lopez, talked to TV24 about how FEMA is only one member of a team that brings resources to communities recovering from disaster. Lopez says the agency uses FEMA volunteers and other coordinated local partners. FEMA Corps members are volunteers aged 18-to-24 who provide direct aid to survivors in their homes and elsewhere. They volunteer for 10 months and gain on-the-job training in the emergency management field. Corps members are supplemented with other specialists to make up Disaster Survivor Assistance Teams. FEMA disaster relief teams are made up of FEMA Corp members and are also comprised of volunteers from state agencies.VOAD is usually organized on a county-by-county basis and works to establish and operate what are known as Long Term Recovery Committees. The committees address a wide range of unmet needs that Survivors can either not afford or are unable to provide for themselves. Lopez says FEMA also receives support from the private sector. She added that the ultimate goal is to help rebuild communities stronger and safer.


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